The Great Summer Continues at Loseley Park

Aug 28, 2015

The Summer continues to be fantastic at Loseley Park and we’ve had much positive feedback from the visitors this season – many of whom we are welcoming for the first time.

The star at this time of year is the Flower Garden which is still vibrant in all shades of orange, red, gold and yellow. The carpet of tagetes around the central mulberry tree is reflected in the colours of the marigolds, cosmos and sunflowers that adorn the garden.

Fortunately in the past couple of weeks we have had some respite from the hours of manual watering that we have had to undertake during July and the few heavy downpours we received have really refreshed the gardens. We are still busy deadheading, however, and make a point of getting round each of the gardens once a week to keep them in tip-top condition.


In contrast to the vibrancy of the flower garden, the white garden continues to provide a calm and serene setting for visitors and wedding drinks receptions, of which we have been many during the season. The hydrangea annabelles, although slightly past their peak, are still providing a fantastic show in the centre of the garden and the array of cosmos, anoda, gaura and sunflowers compliment the hydrangeas with a froth of white, creams and pale yellows.

It’s been a fabulous season in the vegetable garden and now we are all busy harvesting the rewards.

Runner beans in particular have been abundant, as well as beetroot and carrots.

The potatoes have now been harvested and are stored for use throughout the Autumn and winter. In their place we have sown blue and white forget-me-not- seeds which we saved back in June and which will be planted in Autumn for our Spring bedding displays next year.

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