A fantastic year so far at Loseley Park

Jun 7, 2015

2015 is proving to be a fantastic year so far. The Spring Garden Show in April brought record numbers into the gardens where visitors enjoyed a wide range of attractive stalls and the Spring bedding displays which were as good as any year. Record home-grown plant sales were also achieved which was particularly satisfying.

Since then we have enjoyed a display from the wisteria which, together with the irises that underplant it, has been particularly prolific this year due to ideal growing conditions earlier in the year.

We have also seen one of the best displays of roses in many years. The ideal growing conditions in late Winter, Spring, plus the lack of rain to damage the petals recently, has resulted in a glorious longlasting tapestry of colour.

It has also been interesting to see how this year’s newly planted roses have performed. Over 70 bushes were added in March and these have all established well in their first year. We have tried a number of new varieties, Wild Edric, Thomas A Becket and perhaps our favourite, a beautiful ivory white rose called Tranquility.

As the roses now begin to fade, colour erupts in other areas of the garden. In the Flower Garden the Verbascum tower magnificently above the reds, oranges and golds and after early troubles with rabbits eating many of our early plantings, the annuals are now establishing well and starting to flower. Impressive are the tagetesstarfire mix that surround the central mulberry, also marigold, harlequin and pots of gold, and many still to come.

In the Herb Garden the hollyhocks have now taken centrestage with a large array of different colours from light pink through to dark purple and all shades in between.

Keeping all this colour going in the gardens has necessitated hours of watering every day, as we have not seen substantial rainfall in many weeks now.

In contrast to the exuberance of the Flower Garden, the White Garden remains a calm and serene setting for relaxing and enjoying the peace of the gardens. Noticeably impressive at the moment are the hydrangea annabelle who’s enormous white heads provide another stunning spectacle.

Enhancing the garden until 27tJuly is the Surrey Sculpture Society Exhibition trail to follow on your walk round the gardens. An intriguing mix of sculptures have been positioned at strategic points and make a fascinating display.

Last but by no means least, the vegetable garden is beginning to look more established after last year’s restructuring, however this season has had its ups and downs with the blackfly being devastating and very difficult to contain. We have however found an organic spray which seems to reduce the infestation. Rabbits have also enjoyed helping themselves to carrots, leaks and the early-planted sunflowers, but on a better note, the cauliflower snowball has been super, providing large creamy white heads that have been very impressive. There has also been a good crop of beetroot and lettuce and spring onions have been in good supply too. The carrots have done considerably well especially as the rabbits have nibbled the tops and a bounteous strawberry crop has been much enjoyed as well.

We are much looking forward to the “Garden Show at Loseley” which runs from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July from 10.00am – 5.00pm. On Front Park with Loseley House as the backdrop, this is always a superb event for everything gardening, and much more!
Visit www.thegardenshowonline.com for more information.

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